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A permanent diplomatic mission
is typically known as
an embassy...

An Embassy is essentially a bridge between two countries and, most important, between their respective peoples.There are many potential travellers who need to cross this bridge: from the students to the tourist, from the businessman to the common citizen. (...)

History of Embassy

The Italians and Indians share a good economic relation but lacks proper diplomatic links to fuel business and tourism between the two states. Here is a short overview of the history of Italian embassy in India and the existing roles to the people.

The embassy origin dates back to the 1500s when the first Christian missionaries visited India from Italy. They were later followed by the British who came along with prisoners of war into India form Italy. This increased the population of Italians into India and as a result built relationships with the Indians over time.

Therefore the interrelation of the two cultures lead to development of business and other economic related activities that fueled the need for setting up avenues of communication and transacting business. It is from this avenue that we now have Italian embassy in India.

The embassy serves the needs of the expatriates and Indian citizens of Italian descent as well as the general population on various travel related issues. Italy is India’s 4th largest trading partner and this has enabled movement of products across borders enormously. Despite the strong economic relations, the diplomatic relation is still poor pertaining to issues of visa issuance between either of the nationals.

Regardless of what type of visa one requires, e.g. business, study, tourist, employment or any other form of visa, one has to undergo hurdle to secure a visa which when he gets he is also provided with limited time frame for the purpose of visit to either countries. This is being improved by both the governments.

Italian presence can be felt in India through the presence of their embassy in New Delhi and two consulates in Mumbai and Calcutta. This explains the majority Italian nationals within India who needs the attention of the embassy. Like any other embassy, the Italian embassy in India is charge with the responsibility of representing its countries needs to the Italian government as well as ensuring the well being of its nationals while providing adequate advice both to its people and government on what is happening in India and when needed provide recommendations as well.

The Italian embassy in India therefore dated back to the presence of slaves and Christian missionaries who enables to create the link and work together with the locals thereby creating the present day expatriate who works in India in a Italian company. This relation can also be attributed to the fact that Italy government allowed Indian immigrants to settle in Italy over time. It is these relations that have strengthened the links between the two states and enhanced development of an embassy in both the states.
Note that India equally has an embassy in Italy serving the same purpose and needs of its government to the Italian people while serving the vast majority of Indian nationals who find their way into Italy either for work, leisure, business or any other reason approved by the embassy and by the government of Italy.

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